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Maintaining Your Home During COVID-19

Amongst all that is going on today, it is still extremely essential to properly take care of your investments. During these trying times in quarantine, here in Canada, many of us are staying at home to try and flatten the COVID-19 curve. Instead of enjoying our cabins or going on vacation for a beach getaway, we are looking out towards our gardens. As you are sitting there on your patio, you are probably glancing at areas in and on your house that need to be fixed or touched up. Your roof might just be one of these areas.

Buying a house is definitely one of the biggest investments you will make throughout your life. If you go through all the trouble of saving for a house and buying one, chances are that you will want to take exceptionally good care of it. By staying on top of renos that need to be done, like re-shingling your roof, you are making sure that your investment will last longer and cost you a lot less money in the future from any sort of damages that may occur.  

Thankfully, having your roof re-shingled does not need to happen every couple of years. Most shingles that were installed in the 90’s were only able to protect your house for up to 15-20 years. Nowadays, shingles that are on the market are engineered to last approximately 25-40 years depending the quality of shingle you select. Weather conditions can also affect the number of years that your shingles will last you. However, because of their long durability, most homeowners neglect their roofs by thinking that shingles can last longer than they should. Consequently, this can lead to flooding in the house, resulting in damaged furniture, electronics, and other valued items.

When you see your shingles starting to turn upwards or you know its been a decade or two since your roof was last redone, consider getting a quote for a new roof. Although getting new shingles put onto your roof can be a bit steeper in price, it is definitely an important investment. Not only will your house look much more attractive, but valued items in your home will be protected from any kind of weather conditions. This will save you more money in the long run. 

(Pictured above is an example of curled shingles that need to be replaced)

Contact Jules Chabot today at 780-803-1616 for a free quote. Taking this step will bring you closer to having a more protected investment and in turn, give you the security you deserve.


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